School Construction Projects

EPF Nepal had an agreement with Ministry of Education Department of Education on 8th November 2015. 

Approved Schools from NRA and CLPIU are; 
           - Kunadala Devi HSS. Bhogateni-2 Katunje VDC, Dhading,    
           - Chautara Secondary School Semjong and
           - Panchakanya Secondary School Neelkantha
           - Tamai Ratmeate  Secondary School Dhuwakot Dhading 
           - Saraswati Secondary School Dhuwakot Dahding 
Partners: EPF Nepal and The Promise South Korea  
Post Quake Period 2 storeys 8 rooms building with 4 rooms toilets

The school construction had initiated from the last week of January 2016 after the breaking down event  on 31st January 2016. The construction work had finished on November.

The following schools had handed over to the school management commitee on the following dates.
          - Panchakanya Secondary School - 30 Kartic 2073 on the chairmanship of Rakesh Dhamala and Chief                       Guest Minister for Peace and reconstruction MS. Sita Devi Yadav 
          -  Kundala Scondary School - 1 Mangsir 2073 on the chairmanship of Rakesh Dhamala and Chief Guest                      Nepali Congress  Senior Leader Ramchandra Paudel 
          -   Chautara Secondara Secondary School  - 19 Mangsr 2073 on the chairmanship of Rakesh Dhamala                        and Chief Guest minister for Helath Mr. Gagan Thapa 

Furthermore, construction of two more schools ; tamai Ratmate Secondary School and Saraswati Secondary School in Dhuwakot Dhading are under construction. .